How to Sit for a Lap Dance in Las Vegas Strip Clubs

Las Vegas Nude Clubs Feature Sexier Stage Shows

If a las vegas strip clubs doesn’t serve alcohol, the minimum age for dancers and customers is 18 and the girls can dance nude. (If you look anywhere near 18, you’ll definitely be carded, so always carry your ID.) The good news for guys under 21, however, is that you get to see pussy and the stage shows are way sexier than any of those you’ll ever see in the topless clubs sapphire las vegas.

Even if you’re 21 or older, you’re better off heading to the nude clubs if you really like watching dancers, as opposed to having physical contact with them, assuming you can go without alcohol.  The stage shows at the nude clubs are a major turn-on, with the naked dancers tending to get up close to the guys sitting on the rail.  A few dollars in tips for a dancer will get you a lot of personal attention in a Vegas nude club spearmint rhino las vegas.

Also, the stages in the nude clubs tend to be bigger and better lit, and the dancers have more room to move.   That means, at some of the Vegas nude clubs hustler las vegas, that you’ll see beautiful erotic pole work and splits and the like, all provided by girls who look like members of a college cheerleading squad.

Nude clubs, even those with cover charges, also tend to be less expensive than topless clubs treasures las vegas overall. The soft drinks are often provided at no charge. In addition, there’s no bar-tab requirement in the VIP rooms.

And the VIP rooms in the nude clubs tend to provide a lot more privacy than is generally the case in the topless clubs, probably because the dances are nude.  That makes it a lot easier to focus on the girl you’re with, and for her to focus on you.

Because they don’t have full bars, nude clubs aren’t open round the clock. Some open in the early afternoon, but more commonly in the early evening. The busy times are earlier than in the topless clubs— generally from about 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.—probably because they cater to a younger and more sober clientele.

As in the topless clubs, you’ll find that the quality of the dancers in the nude clubs goes up during the busy hours. Many dancers in the nude clubs have natural breasts. If your idea of sexy is an 18-year-old girl with cute (and real) little titties, you’ll like the nude clubs a lot better than the topless clubs. And obviously, if your idea of sexy is seeing a dancer’s pussy, nude clubs are the way to go. Don’t be surprised if you see some radical body adornment in the way of piercings and tattoos, and I’m not talking about the “normal” tattoos and piercings that have become so popular in the past decade or so. I’m talking about some major works of skin art.

Again, the nude clubs tend to have big well-lit stages and the dancers at the best ones are experts at working the poles and the crowd. Their floor shows are highly erotic and they spend a lot of time entertaining guys on the rail who are tipping.


An Important Difference Between the Nude and Topless Clubs

One important difference between the nude and topless clubs is that the girls in the nude clubs, many of whom are younger, are sometimes less generous with physical contact in the VIP rooms. Why?

Many of the girls are younger and they may feel more vulnerable. Again, VIP rooms in the nude clubs tend to be one-on-one private rooms or cubicles, not big open areas with lots of other dancers and customers around. Also, usually no bouncer is there to watch the action (though one is always close by). And again, the girls are completely naked, not even wearing a g-string.

That doesn’t mean you can’t get a high-contact private dance in a nude club. It just means you need to pay more attention when you select a dancer for a private dance. See for more information.

Similarly, although the crowd in the nude clubs tends to be younger, this doesn’t mean that no men over 21 are in the audience. There are lots of us there. Quite a few older men who could go to the topless clubs prefer the nude clubs for a variety of reasons. They like watching the better stage shows. They prefer to see completely naked dancers. They prefer natural to surgically enhanced breasts. They don’t really care that much for drinking. And their erotic orientation is more visual than tactile. Some guys simply prefer a striptease to a lap dance.